Alexander Baron And The ITMA Label:
A Selected, Annotated, Chronological Bibliography



Al’s first bibliographic entry for 1998 is, appropriately, Searchlight.

The January 1998 issue, No 271 mentions Yours Truly on pages 4 and 6. I do wish though that he wouldn’t call me Alex Baron.

VOMIT, issue 2/98

VOMIT or Victims Of Masonic Ill-Treatment also goes out over the Internet. Al’s pamphlet on ID cards gets a brief mention on page 3. This was published around the second week in January.

ALEXANDER BARON, published in THE ENGLISH ALTERNATIVE, Issue 8, page 33.

This magazine is said to incorporate TRIBAL RESISTANCE; it is actually a continuation of The Crusader. Troy Southgate delivered my copy in person on the afternoon of Sunday, January 25, 1998.

This is actually an appeal because Al is facing “serious financial ruin”; the guy has a heart of gold.

The Hate Goes On, The Persecution Continues

This dissertation on the current writer’s then recent troubles was posted to the Internet, E-mailed and faxed to various parties on February 6, 1998. It runs to just under 4,000 words.

A copy was received back from MSANEWS on Monday, February 9.

Notes from the Borderland, Winter 1997/8, issue 1.

This A4 format parapolitics magazine was produced by Larry O’Hara with some assistance from his left wing friends. The similarity with Lobster is striking, except that apart from his occasional endorsements of X-File style conspiracy theories, Lobster editor Robin Ramsay is basically a rational human being. When O’Hara sticks to facts, he isn’t bad, but when he attempts to interpret those facts...

On page 15, Gable is said to have claimed at my trial in April 1997 that he was in contact with 200 BNP members. Actually, Gable claimed to be in contact with “about a hundred”.

International Chess

29 December 1997 ‐
11 January 1998

incorporating 3rd World Amateur and
3rd Women’s World Amateur Bulletin.

This came through my door on February 7, 1998.

Yours Truly gets a listing in the World Amateur and the Challengers only as a competitor. Sadly, my queen sacrifice against Peter Cafolla has not been included among the games given herein. The bulletin’s pages are unnumbered, but in a report on the World Amateur it is stated that there were five competitors entered in both events: World Amateur and Challengers. I was told previously that there were only three of us.

February 17, 1998: Why Crime Is Rising was published on Usenet; it was also e-mailed and faxed to sundry parties.

Alex Baron
, published in Searchlight, March 1998, No 273, page 13.

This is a report on the conviction of Yours Truly at Horseferry Road Magistrates’ Court re the contrived Malicious Communications Act matter. Even though he was in court, Gable can’t get it right; I was fined £250 rather than the £200 he mentions here!

Christian Bouchet’s magazine Résistance!, Mars 1998, No 3, page 26 contains a reference to a leaflet written by Al:

Twenty Things Every Black And Asian Anti-Racist Should Know About Gerry Gable And The Searchlight Organisation. Gable is also referred to as Gerry Gamble.

Common Sense, Issue 24, which came through my door the first week in April 1998 is an absolutely cracking issue.

Pages 6-7 contains Middle East Quiz, an article that was published in the Orlando Sentinel, February 8, 1998 where it was “located” apparently “by one of our members”. Actually I found this on the Internet, in the alt.nswpp newsgroup as far as I recall, and forwarded it to Sahib Bleher.

THIS AGE OF REASON, published in PIPELINE, SPRING 1998, page 22.

I wrote this poem in Brixton Prison and it was published there! This issue came through my door in mid-April 1998. A couple of typos have been added: in line 4 of verse 2 the word “the” has been omitted, but this has been inserted in line 1 of verse 4.


This was published on Usenet in alt.revisionism on April 16, 1998.

Numerous reviews of Al’s publications were published in

Histoire, rumeurs, legendes, mars 1998, No 2, pages 206-212.

I’m really flattered by the correspondence I’ve had with the publisher of this scholarly Revisionist journal, Jean Plantin. I’m really big in France! Among the many publications reviewed are Liars Ought To Have Good Memories and The Holocaust Needs A Liberal Imagination. The authorship of the former is attributed – incorrectly but understandably – to myself and Mark Taha.


This was published April 23, 1998, and is a typical flattering review from Mr Southgate, this time concerning my pamphlet on ID cards.

The entire issue has now been added; this is the best scan possible – the slant isn’t mine.

VOMIT, 18/98, 2 May 1998

On pages 2-3 is a report on Al’s incarceration in Brixton; the prison number given is incorrect as is much else. For example, the Organised Crime Group did not prosecute me for Benefit Fraud, etc.


This press statement was sent out on a double-sided sheet of A4 in May 1998. I received my copy in Brixton Prison on May 15. Two days prior to this I had sent out a handful of photocopies of the handwritten original (which is no longer extant).

The text contains a minor typo, it refers to “dismissed charges”; this should read “dismissed Charles”, but apart from that it is a creditable effort by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

VOMIT, 19/98, 9 May 1998

Al gets a mention on page 3.

Letter from James Todd dated Sa 16 May 1998

The above included attachments, his usual VOMIT ramblings.

VOMIT, 21/98, published 23 May 1998.

This was downloaded/E-mailed. My two print outs run to 5 and 6 pages respectively. 2 An article entitled HORSEFERRY ROAD MAGISTRATES COURT, VICTORIA, LONDON, which starts on page 1ts on page 1 spills over onto page 2. [The print out supplied by James Todd runs to 3 pages].

“our experience tells that that Baron has little chance of a fair hearing [in the Magistrates Court].”

The New Fascism

This is a printed version of my speech made to the Newham Branch of the British National Party on October 28, 1997, which was itself a much expanded version of a speech made on September 17, 1997. It runs to 7 pages including footnotes and is published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, copyright 1998. It was printed out in late March/early April but I sold the first copy, to James Damsey on May 26. The inside front cover and last two pages are blank, so have not been scanned.

VOMIT, 22/98, 30 May 1998

This was downloaded/E-Mailed. My print out runs to 6 pages. I get a mention on (my) page 6.

VOMIT, 23/98, 6 June 1998

Al gets a mention on page 5 of the print out.

VOMIT, 24/98, 13 June 1998

Al gets a mention on page 1 of the print out, and in the APOLOGIES at the end.

VOMIT, 25/98, 20 June 1998

Al gets a mention on page 1 of the print out.

VOMIT 26/98, 27 June 1998

Al’s E-mail to James Todd is reproduced on the second page of my print out.

The Chess Player’s Battle Manual, by Nigel Davies, published by B.T. Batsford, London, (July 1998). 160 pages. Illustrated.

In 1998, somebody posted the following comment to the chess newsgroup.

> P.S. Is that your game in Nigel Davies 'Battle Manual' On the wrong end
> of a 'how not to play against the Kings Gambit' game ???? All he needed
> to do was look through my games, he you have seen hot not to play... for
> a large number of Openings!!!!!!!

No, it was not me, I said. I decided to look up the book in the British Library anyway, on the off-chance, and it is! The copy I consulted at St Pancras on November 18, 1998 had a red cover; the copy I bought later that same afternoon en route to Marylebone Library has a green cover. Two encounters with a Davies in one day, both of them derogatory! [The other was at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court where that arsehole stipe dismissed two applications for summonses against that bent cunt DC Wright].

Pages 56-7 reproduce Winter-Baron, England 1997 up to white’s 15th move. To give it its full credits it’s Malcolm Winter v Yours Truly, Kensington, September 7, 1997, Minor Tournament, Round 4, Board 29: King’s Gambit, Fischer’s Defence. [Actually I transposed to Fischer’s Defence; this was a little experiment of mine. Some time later I was on the white side of the same transposition, also at Kensington, and drew with a 150 (Tony Niccoli) after saccing a piece in the opening and a rook in the ending (to take away his mating material)].

On page 57 the author comments:

“This is just the kind of modest developing move that can be expected when players are confronted with unknown gambits.”

As I’ve played the King’s Gambit as white since the age of 14 that’s a bit rich.

“This is already terrible for Black who suddenly finds himself threatened with 12 g6, amongst other things.”

And “Inexplicably Black brings the white knight into the attack. Normally sound players often go to pieces when confronted by the cold steel of the King’s Gambit.”

And, after 15 moves, “Would anyone like to play Black in this position?”

Probably not: a few moves later I was the exchange down – I would have been a piece down but my opponent had a choice. He made the wrong choice as it happens, because not only did I weather the storm but I won the bloody game. You wouldn’t think so from this book.

One other point, he gives Winter’s 9th move an exclamation mark. I would give it a question mark. Shortly after the game, annotating it, I wrote: “Overlooking the obvious NXP! which tears Black’s position wide open. I saw this but just had to hope that he didn’t!”

Some GM Davies is! Leaving that aside, this is an excellent book which I’d have been inclined to buy even without my dubious contribution.

A letter published in Boxing News, July 31, 1998, Vol 54, No 31, page 31 under the heading Nothing’s changed.

Comments on a letter I wrote to Boxing News in 1987 and the ongoing campaigns of Joe Bugner, George Foreman and the rest of the geriatric circus.

A press release headed TWO NEW PUBLICATIONS FROM ITMA: was sent out over the Internet on July 31, 1998 and later a few copies were sent out by post. The two new publications are of course the two pamphlets put out by Yours Truly on August 2, 1998.

A few copies of the above were also sent out by mail to my restricted mailing list. This is a scan of what appears to be the only surviving – and less than pristine – copy.

Zeig Heil And Oy Vay!
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 2, 1998). 23 pages.

This mildly satirical A4 pamphlet contains, among other things, documentation on Sweet Sonia’s “Nazi” past.

The Poisoned Chalice Of
“Holocaust Education” ‐
How Racial Hatred Is Used To Indoctrinate Your Children:
A Critique Of Carrie Supple’s “From Prejudice To Genocide”
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (August 2, 1998). 28 pages. Illustrated.

Another A4 pamphlet by the world’s leading dissenting Searchlight researcher, this one in a more serious vein.


I received my copy of the magazine from Troy Southgate on the evening of August 12, 1998.

This article was first published in Mark Cotterill’s British Patriot in March 1995, at least the first part of it was; the magazine folded forthwith.

Page 36 of the same issue also contains a big comp advert for Al’s publications.

Some Random thoughts on David Irving is a 7 page critique printed on one side of A4. It came through my door on August 18, 1998 and was mailed on August 14, apparently by Yetta Schwartz of 350 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10018. I presume that she is a Jewess and that this is an accommodation address.

On the second page Al is credited as the (sole) author of The Churchill Papers; no mention is made of the major content of the book, but it states that “This study lists a large and significant number of serious errors of fact appearing in Irving’s book, ‘Churchill’s War.’”

It may be that this is a pre-publication comp copy. (See Suffering Fools Gladly? David Irving & Revisionism).

SYNAPSIA, Spring/Summer 1998, Volume 9, Number 1/2

I’d never heard of this magazine before but someone, Donny Muter I think, showed me a copy which he picked up at the Mind Sports, and Al appears on the front cover in the group photograph from 1997’s prize giving.

A PDF can be found here.

On the morning of August 22, 1998 I received a letter from Malcolm Skeggs informing me that I’d misspelt Sieg Heil! Oh boy.

August 24: a TV appearance!

On August 31, I received a phone call from Crystal Palace Club Secretary David Hodgson who told me that he’d seen me on TV on the first day of the Mind Sports. It was definitely me he said, in a very brief shot, playing what he thought was chess. It’s not unlikely that I appeared on various TV channels worldwide, and as I won a bronze medal in the seven card stud poker, maybe I even got my name mentioned somewhere.

On the last day of the event I asked Tony Buzan why there hadn’t been a daily bulletin as there was the previous year; he said there had been technical problems but that results, etc, had been posted to the website.

A review of Searchlight On Gerry Gable’s Nazi Links, published in REBELLION, Autumn 1998, Issue No 2, page 17.

This review, by AW, is flattering, but of course I don’t agree that Searchlight is a front for MI5 as claimed here.

Advertisement: THE COMPUTERISED IDENTITY CARD ‐ Harbinger of the coming Repression, published in British Nationalist, September 1998, page 3.

The pamphlet’s price is given as £2.00, but it brought me a few sales. Apparently I am “one of Britain’s leading libertarians” !

A chess game published in the Times, September 12, 1998, page 35.

This is my game against Yasser Tello from the ten minute tournament on Sunday, August 29. I really didn’t think Ray Keene would use this. Not only that, he’s annotated it himself! At the time I was proud to have played such a game, especially in a ten minute tournament. It’s a pity I play like a prat most of the time, even in Slowplays.

The game didn’t actually end like this. After 24. QXB I announced mate in 2; in reality it is mate it 3. Obviously I saw the forced queen move but for some bizarre reason I didn’t count my first move, QXPch. Donny Muter pointed this out. I have played more spectacular combinations, but I rightly (and modestly) call this game Baron’s Immortal.

No, the original was not printed on yellow paper!

The Cruel Mistress and Not Such A Cruel Mistress?, published in CHESS POST, August 1998, Vol. 36, No. 4.

This publication actually came through my door on September 16, 1998. The Cruel Mistress appears on page 4; the associated article appears on pages 4-5 & 53. There is a very minor typo in the poem.

On page 22, my second game against Robert Godfrey is included in the score to another game, Dyke v Tham.

[I played two games against Godfrey in the Continuous Tournament. The first game – in which I was white – ended in 1998; the second game ended the previous December].

NOS AMIS LES BÊTES Les etranges amis de REFLEX, published in Resistance!, Septembre/Octobre 1998, No 5, pages 7-8. 6

This appears to be a translation of part of one of my pamphlets in Christian Bouchet’s magazine. Nice one!

Spearhead, OCTOBER 1998, No 356, page 24: the BNP booklist contains two new titles: The Poisoned Chalice Of Holocaust Education and Searchlight On Gerry Gable’s Nazi Links.

Here is a scan of the ad for ...Poisoned Chalice...

Here is a scan of a second ad for ...Liars...

The Ballad Of John Reginald Halliday Christie (1898-1953), by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (October 1, 1998). 7 pages.

This is a photocopied A5 pamphlet.

VOMIT, October 17, 1998, issue 42, page 2.

Al’s appeal gets a mention here.

Al’s troubles get a mention in VOMIT, October 31, 1998 44/98.

Spearhead, NOVEMBER 1998, No. 357, page 20:

An advert for two of Al’s books appear under the legend FREE YOUR MIND!

When this letter was first sent out by E-mail and fax on the night of November 2, 1998, there was a minor typo – since corrected – in the third paragraph I wrote “Judge Philpot saw through his flim-flam and in is [sic] summing up said it would be a truly remarkable turn of events for a guilty man to unearth the evidence tending to show that he had in fact made such a call.”

A few hard copies were also sent out.

                                                93c Venner Road,
                                                London SE26 5HU.
                                                  0181 659 7713

November 2, 1998

Dear Supporter,       

Just a quick word to let you know about my appeal against harass-
ment. I was at Inner London Crown Court today for the adjourned 
hearing. Judge Philpot rejected most of my submissions and appli-
cations out of hand, including for a site inspection, but al-
though he dismissed the appeal he did not do so in its entirety. 
In particular he and the two magistrates ruled that the new 
evidence I had gone to extraordinary lengths to uncover proved 
that I had not made the ectoplasmic "menacing phone call" from 
Southwark Crown Court. 

On September 24 I was given disclosure of the public telephone 
records for Southwark Crown Court, and it transpired that by a 
remarkable coincidence someone had telephoned Brixton Benefits 
Agency from the lobby at precisely the same time I was alleged to 
have phoned the Crystal Palace office. At the same "mention" the 
totally venal prosecutor Martin Rutherford "nailed his flag to 
the mast" in my words, echoed by Judge Bathurst-Norman, by claim-
ing that I had made that particular call and had it transferred 
to the Crystal Palace office. He also presented a witness state-
ment from a switchboard manager at the Belfast exchange to the 
effect that this was possible. The following week, when the case 
was transferred to Inner London, he changed his tune and claimed 
that I could have made the call from anywhere, including from a 
mobile phone, and that the phone record was "additional 

He had obviously checked out the number and realised that the 
call couldn't in fact have been transferred. At Inner London I 
again demolished the prosecution case and proved additionally 
that the call to Brixton Benefits Agency, which was preceded by a 
call to Brixton Job Centre and followed by a call to a firm of 
solicitors, could not have been transferred. Under cross-
examination Rutherford suggested that I had phoned the Brixton 
number, had the call transferred to another office and then had 
it transferred again! I challenged him to phone the number there 
and then with leave from the court but he refused. I told the 
judge that he had only innuendo to offer while I was offering 
empiricism. Judge Philpot saw through his flim-flam and in his 
summing up said it would be a truly remarkable turn of events for 
a guilty man to unearth the evidence tending to show that he had 
in fact made such a call.

He also added that there had been no shortage of mischief-makers 
in this case though he stressed that the inveterate liar Detec-
tive Constable Wright wasn't one of them, though apart from 
Rutherford and Charles it is difficult to see who else he could 
have meant. I had caught Wright out lying so many times that she 
was reduced to mumbling that she couldn't remember every time the 
facts got in the way of her evidence.

That notwithstanding the court upheld the conviction and gave me 
the same sentence: a 500 pound fine reduced to one day in gaol, 
time served. Rutherford asked for at least 500 pounds in costs 
but the judge ordered only a further 150 pounds. This may not 
sound like a victory but it is nothing less than vindication. 
What it means is that Michelle Charles and her ilk can't have me 
thrown into gaol with impunity on a mere allegation, and that 
there must now be serious doubt about the veracity of anyone, 
including any police officer, who tries to fit me up yet again.

I have tonight spoken to Counsel and he is of the opinion that I 
should take this case to the Court of Appeal; this will surely 
make case law. If this conviction is not quashed it will mean in 
effect that anyone who writes two strongly worded letters to a 
civil servant could be dragged into court or even thrown into 
gaol for five weeks or more. First and foremost this would in-
clude the Lawrence family who, by the perverted logic of this 
judgment could have been charged with harassment a couple of 
dozen times. In fact, if the police spent less time harassing 
people like me, they would probably have caught the murderers of 
Stephen Lawrence.

I thank you all for your continued support and will keep you 
informed of any future developments.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (November 5, 1998). 7 pages. Illustrated. An A4 pamphlet.

MONEY: Medium Of Exchange Or Debt?, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (November 5, 1998). 9 pages. Illustrated. An A4 pamphlet.

The Trial Of Shirley Bassey For The Heinous Crime Of Anti-Semitism, In The Court Of World Opinion ‐ A Play In One Act, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (November 5, 1998). 7 pages. An A4 pamphlet.

A programme in the series Countdown To The Millenium was screened by Carlton/LWT at 22.30 on Friday, November 6, 1998.

It was called The Race Debate. Al was in the audience, although he didn’t see himself when he viewed the programme.

Al gets a write-up in VOMIT, November 7, 1998, 45/98.

With Mr Todd’s de rigueur inaccuracies.

A letter sent out by the British National Party to Booksellers and Distributors dated 12/11/98 and signed Phil Edwards, Press Officer, was written largely by me. The original was dated two days earlier.

On November 17, 1998, Tony Lecomber phoned me and told me that a second version – with my suggested amendments – had been done and had been/was in the process of being mailed out. He also said he’d had a couple of rude phone calls from recipients! I received my copy of the final version in January 1999.


This is a three page A4 letter dated November 15, 1998.

Al gets a mention in VOMIT, November 21, 1998, 47/98; this is an article called BARON CORRECTIONS TO VOMIT 45/98:

“After repeated requests we publish the following statement by Alexander Baron.”

And about time too, James.

State harassment of dissident writer
, published under a column called Ungoodthink in Spearhead, December 1998, No. 358, pages 20-1.

This is an uncredited article about the trials and tribulations of Yours Truly, written by his favourite author, and published with only minimal editing. Gable and Searchlight get a mention.

On December 11, I reprinted ...Poisoned Chalice... – second printing – and Searchlight On Gerry Gable’s Nazi Links, Second Edition.

This latter has the Sieg Heil And Oy Vay! corrected.

VOMIT, 50/98, December 12, 1998 includes my unpublished letter of December 5 to the Times on pages 3-4 of my print out.

Final Conflict, ISSUE 20, Autumn 1998.

This is a special issue devoted almost entirely to the Searchlight Educational Trust. This is the cover story, editorial and pages 6-15.


A lot of this is based on Yours Truly’s research but although it is not footnoted in proper academic fashion an extensive bibliography is given. Larry O’Hara is also credited, but they don’t think much of him personally.

Page 14 contains an inset MR. ALEXANDER BARON. Overall, the magazine is rather flattering towards me!

The above was also posted to

Notes from the BORDERLAND, Autumn/Winter 1998-9, ISSUE 2.

TWO SECURITY ALERTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE, by Larry O’Hara, is a short filler on page 26.

It accuses honest Al of plagiarising O’Hara’s research on Gable and his gang. The reader is referred to my OPEN LETTER TO LOONY LARRY O’HARA of November 15, 1998 for a complete refutation.

Extradition: Jack Straw Or General Pinochet? by Alexander Baron

This short story was E-mailed to various parties from Boxing Day 1997 onwards so will presumably at some point have been published on the Internet. On December 27 I received an E-mail from the BNP’s Ken Francis in East London who told me the article had been posted to his website. Subsequently it was mailed out with a couple of very minor corrections.

Lobster, Winter 1998/9, issue 36, page 46: Al gets a mention on in the Feedback column.

A press release issued by Janus Publishing Company (undated but issued circa January 1999) called NEW BOOK INFORMATION has a quote on its front page thus:

The first book to expose Lord Rothschild as the “First Man”. Alexander Baron, Editor, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing

Actually I never said any such thing. Tch, tch, Morris.

[I received a copy from Janus through the post on March 4, 1999].


Ramadan Radio!

Al was interviewed at length by Rashda [sic?] Butt on Ramadan Radio, Bradford, on a live programme on the evening of January 5, 1999.

Al has a big free advert in THE ENGLISH ALTERNATIVE, Issue 10, page 33 under ITMA PUBLISHING. This magazine was published at the beginning of February 1999.


Al is listed on page 8 as one of the Onyx Prix leaders, in 4th place with 10.0 points in the Amateur Prix. The leader was then on 15.0 points.

The Friends Of Holocaust “Revisionist” David Irving
Documented In Their Own Words
, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (March 1999). 13 pages.

Illustrated with extracts from witness statements in the Baron v Gable libel case, this was published, officially, on March 25, 1999. It is scanned here from the original artwork.

Alternative link for the above file.

Extradition: Jack Straw Or General Pinochet?, by Alexander Baron, published in Common Sense The official Islamic Party Newsreport, Winter 1999/Dhu-l-Qi’dah 1419, pages 5-8.

This came through my door on March 19, 1999.

On the evening of 24 March 1999 I received a phone call from my Moslem friend in Cardiff; he told me he’d tuned in to Radio 5 Live earlier today, which was presented by Nicky Campbell, and heard Gable waffling on, presumably in connection with tonight’s documentary. He phoned in and managed to get through to speak to him and asked him if it was true that when he gave evidence at my trial in April 1997 he admitted to being in touch with many members of the National Front (the BNP, of course). He said Gable was stumped and began um-ing and ah-ing. My friend was cut off, but it would have been a nasty shock for Gable.

This press release below was sent out by modem on March 26 1999 to, among others, VOMIT, MSANEWS and Nick Griffin.

         Crown Persecution Service Lose Their Nerve

When Independent Researcher Alexander Baron appeared at Tower 
Bridge Magistrates' Court this morning for committal on a charge 
of "inciting a person or persons unknown to commit grievous 
bodily harm with intent", he had an unpleasant surprise. The so-
called independent Crown Prosecution Service backed down and he 
was discharged. The Crown solicitor made some noise about not 
proceeding at this present time, but defending Counsel John Orme 
dismissed any suggestion of reinstating the charge or a similar 
charge at a later date as wanton abuse of process. Orme suggested 
to his client that the reason the CPS had backed down was because 
they had been pressurised by a certain member of the judiciary 
who, for reasons of his own, would be most reluctant to give 
evidence at any trial involving Baron, something which under the 
circumstances he could hardly avoid.

Plausible though this reason is, it is far from the only poss-
ibility. A more likely one is that the bent copper who was re-
sponsible for Baron's arrest in the first place is herself curr-
ently under investigation for perjury, perverting the course of 
justice, and forging a witness statement in collusion with an 
equally corrupt prosecuting barrister.

Ironically, Baron's discharge came six years to the day after he 
was arrested by another bent copper working to his own agenda, 
one concerning protecting Zionist agent David Irving. This case 
also came to nothing, and Baron was subsequently granted Legal 
Aid to sue the police in connection with his confiscated ‐ and 
subsequently trashed ‐ computer.

When Southwark CID arrested Baron on September 24 last year they 
too seized his computer; this one still hasn't been returned, and 
Baron will be instituting proceedings against them in due course. 
Meanwhile, the day before the hearing, Baron published further 
documentation on David Irving, this time concerning his protec-
tors in high places. This is available from InfoText Manuscripts, 
93c Venner Road, London SE26, at 1.99 post free. Donations to 
Baron or ITMA also at this address.

A fuller report on this continuing campaign of vilification and 
harassment will appear in due course, subject only to further 
police fit ups or attacks by hammer wielding thugs.

ITMA ‐ March 26, 1999

The above was also published in the on-line digest MSANEWS.

VOMIT, 3 April 1999, 14/99, pages 1-2 publishes my press release re the recent failed prosecution as PRESS RELEASE ON 26 MARCH

suitably amended by Mr Todd!

Amazing Statistics, published in the Patzer Corner column of ChessMoves NEWSLETTER OF THE BRITISH CHESS FEDERATION, APRIL 1999, page 5:

This is an article by Yours Truly together with some comment by Sarah Hurst and my game against Stuart Nelson at the Kensington Rapidplay on March 21.

Al has a submission published in the VOMIT on-line newsletter for April 17, 1999, issue 16, page 1, under the heading IN DEFENCE OF MICHAEL HOWARD, MP.

BLUNDERS, AND HOW TO AVOID THEM, by Alexander Baron, published in CHESS POST, April 1999, Issue No. 206, Vol 37, No 2, pages 32-7 & 46.

The Editorial on page one, which is included in the above scan, says this article is very interesting. Who am I to disagree? Although it says too Jo Wharrier wishes his readers a happy Easter, this issue wasn’t published until towards the end of April.

The quality of the scan is appalling, but this is not my fault, the print copy I received was terrible. I remember giving Jessie a copy of this at Coulsdon.

A few copies of the following press release were sent out by E-Mail on April 23-4, 1999.

                         More Harassment

In spite of having charges against him dropped by the CPS at 
Tower Bridge on March 26, Southwark Police are continuing to 
retain Alexander Baron's computer. His machine was stolen ‐ 
seized in their parlance ‐ on September 24 last year. Southwark 
CID also took every floppy disk they could lay their hands on. 
The pretext for this was that someone had distributed a pamphlet 
which mentioned Baron and it was assumed that he had written it! 
In reality it was an attempt by a corrupt detective ‐ who is 
currently under investigation for perjury and perverting the 
course of justice ‐ to prevent him from mounting a successful 
appeal against a spurious conviction for harassment. After Bar-
on's solicitor contacted the police at the beginning of November 
to request its return Baron was advised first that he could 
collect it, then he was told by the so-called investigating 
officer "I've found something on your computer and I have to make 
a decision". Perhaps that should read "I have to make a decision 
about what to find on your computer" ?

Subsequently Baron was charged with harassment on the pretext of, 
among other things, harassment by E-Mail. The E-Mails concerned 
had not been sent to the so-called victim but to an agent provo-
cateur, a solicitor named Swarbrick. The harassment charge was 
later upgraded to the ridiculous charge of "inciting a person or 
persons unknown to commit grievous bodily harm with intent" and 
the CPS asked for two months to commit. Baron's barrister de-
clined an invitation to have his client assessed by a court 
psychologist, and, their shallow attempt to have Baron thrown 
into gaol for six months or a year while a case against him was 
fabricated, the powers of darkness threw in the towel. On March 
26 the CPS decided that they couldn't proceed but suggested they 
might proceed at a later date, an argument which didn't wash then 
and washes even less now.

Baron was told that his computer could be collected by arrange-
ment ‐ and at his own expense ‐ and meanwhile sought an undertak-
ing that everything printed out from his disks by Big Brother be 
destroyed. In April his solicitor was again advised that he could 
arrange to collect his machine but when he contacted Southwark 
CID he was told that an investigation was ongoing and that it 
could not be returned without clearance from the CPS.

In 1993, Baron's computer was seized and retained for six months 
by a bent copper working to a hidden agenda, and when it was at 
last returned it was trashed beyond repair. Baron was subsequent-
ly granted Legal Aid to sue the police for trespass of goods, and 
as things stand that case will finally be coming to court on 
August 9 at Central London County Court. 

Currently Baron is concerned both at having his machine returned 
(eventually?) in similar condition as before, and as to what the 
police may decide to "find" on his hard disk. As it would clearly 
be an abuse of process to reinstate the previous charge it is 
Baron’s suspicion that he will now be fitted up for possessing 
child porn, plans of the local bank, or more topically, for 
supplying instructions for making nail bombs with intent. 

If that is the case, if and when the case does come to court, 
Southwark CID will have to explain why it took them two attempts 
and six months to "find" the incriminating evidence. 

Watch this space.

PARANOIA IN THE PEWS! is a double-sided A4 leaflet published by The Rising Press, London, (April 1999).

My copy arrived in the post April 22, 1999. Al gets a mention on the back page. It defends me against the charge of being Jewish. Oy vay!

Al’s troubles get a mention in the Vomit on-line newsletter for May 1, 1999, 18/99 in a short report called MORE HARASSMENT OF AL BARON, and an en passant reference under MORE ON MAURICE KELLETT.

THE SHIRTLIFTERS, published in VOMIT, 20/99, 15 May 1999.

This is some comment I sent in to James re the recent bombings and the suggestion by some American nutter that we should bomb Downing Street. It has been edited by James in his usual idiosyncratic fashion.

For the record, the actual name of this on-line magazine is

Victims of Masonic Ill-Treatment

is a French intellectual right-wing magazine.

No 69, 15 mai au 1er juin 1999, pages 6 & 11 is an article Le Reseau SCALP/REFLEX/No Pasaran (5) in the DOSSIER column. This also covers Gable and his gang. It also gives Yours Truly and his researches a mention.

PHILBY The hidden years, by Morris Riley, published by Janus, London, 2nd Edition, (May 24, 1999). 198 pages. No index.

On the back of this appears the following:

The first book to expose Lord Rothschild as the “first man”.
Alexander Baron, Editor, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing

Thank you Morris!

CHESS POST, Issue No, 207, Vol 37, No 3, June 1999, pages 16-8.

An article called BLUDNERS by Richard Vann comments on Al’s piece in the April issue, and adds a few observations of his own on blunders:

“I was interested in Alexander Baron’s article on the above subject and would like to add my own observations.”

VOMIT, 26/99, 26 June 1999

Al gets a credit on the first page for forwarding a press report downloaded from the Internet about America’s so-called war on crime.


OF RACIAL HATRED EXPOSED, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (July 4, 1999). 14 pages.

An A4 pamphlet. With Gable on the front cover!


, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (July 4, 1999). 25 pages.

This was a long time in coming but it was worth waiting for. I think so, anyway!

“New Look” Searchlight,
Same Old Poison
, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (July 4, 1999).

An 8 page illustrated A4 pamphlet exposing the activities of the goys and girls at Searchlight. Though mostly not goys! free choice, Summer 1999:

The new look journal of FOREST came through my door July 6, 1999. On page 27 appear 10 SMOKING SONG TITLES which are credited to FOREST. This list was actually compiled by Yours Truly who dug out these titles and a few more from the British Library music catalogues.

Final Conflict, Spring 99, ISSUE 21

I received my copy of this magazine from Morris Riley at the end of June/beginning of July 1999.

Page 18 publishes a lengthy letter I hadn’t expected them to publish, under the heading BARON ON SEARCHLIGHT. I sent this by E-mail and didn’t keep a copy but it appears to have been published more or less verbatim.

Baron v Metropolitan Police ‐ Public Statement

This was published on the Internet, E-mailed and faxed August 7, 1999. Notes included it runs to a shade over 1300 words.

Harold Covington asked me if he might publish an edited version ‐ with the references to David Irving’s perverted activities deleted. I said of course Wicked Harold. On Sunday, August 9 he published the unedited version!

Al competed in the 3rd Mind Sports Olympiad at Olympia from August 22-9, 1999 where he – along with everyone else – was photographed and filmed repeatedly. I also won two silver medals.

Olympia Conference
Centre, London
21 ‐ 29 August 1999.

This is the title of the admission programme to the event. No publication details are given but a mention of the Times newspaper appears on the inside front cover.

Al appears in a group photograph on page 2; an inset of what appears to be the same photograph on page 63; and playing in one of the chess tournaments on page 7.

SYNAPSIA, Summer 1999, Volume 10, Number 2 was distributed free at the Olympiad. Al appears in a by now familiar photograph on page 22.

OLYMPIAD NEWS, Issue 3, Tuesday 24 August 1999, page 4:

Speed Reading World Ch

1 A. Jones (England) gold
2 A. Baron (England) silver
3 K. Wilshire (Wales) bronze

Be serious!

OLYMPIAD NEWS, Issue 7, Saturday 28 August 1999, page 4:

Poker 7-Card Stud

1. P. Shapperson (England)  gold
2. A. Baron      (England)  silver
3. M. Haytack    (England)  bronze
That’s more like it!

OLYMPIAD NEWS, Issue 9 (Final Results) Sunday 29 August 1999, page 4

The speed reading and poker results are repeated on page 4 except that P. Shapperson is given as P. Shepperson.

OLYMPIAD NEWS, Supplementary Issue, Sunday 29 August 1999.

This is unnumbered but will presumably have been issue 10. It is a one-sided sheet of A4 which lists Al as a Candidate Master! Verbatim:

Baron, Alexander ENG (Poker, 7-card stud)

The Times, August 28, 1999.

Ray Keene published a game against Chris Hyde in the chess column in the WEEKEND supplement, page 31. When I ran into Chris the following Friday he said he hoped I hadn’t sent in the rematch!

Al gets a very brief mention in VOMIT UK, 36/99, 4 September 1999, page 3) of my print out. My surname is spelt thus: Barron!

September 6: This Usenet comment was added December 28, 2015; it summed up my position then in a nutshell, a position that is even truer today.

These Men Are Suffering From Severe Personality Disorders
And Should Be Interned Indefinitely Without Trial

This is a three page A4 leaflet. I had some problems with the layout so repasted it after the first small print run, but it remains lop-sided! It was produced in dribs and drabs over a period of several weeks and finally mailed out from September 10, 1999. The copies deposited with the British Library and A.T. Smail are as near perfect as I could get them.

Opening Theory Or Opening Fashion?, by Alexander Baron, published in CHESS POST, October 1999, Vol 37, Issue No. 208, pages 20-23.

This issue of the magazine came through my door November 2nd.

AT WAR WITH THE UNIVERSE, by Larry O’Hara and Steve Booth, subtitled The British X-Files and How & Why Nazi Thug and State Asset Tim Hepple/Matthews has infiltrated Ufology, published by Notes from the BORDERLAND as Pamphlet No. 1, London, (1999). 134 pages. Illustrated. No index. Large format.

As its name suggests this pamphlet is largely about Tim Hepple, but Searchlight gets more than the odd mention amid O’Hara’s increasingly bizarre ravings. Al gets a mention too. On page 31, O’Hara makes the following defamatory claim:

“Leaving aside the content-free whinings of homophobic plagiarist Alexander Baron, there has been only one attempt to defend Hepple’s past written by someone claiming to know.”

MIND SPORTS 2000 The story of the first three Mind Sports Olympiads, by Tony Buzan, Ray Keene and David Levy, Foreword by Sir Brian Tovey, Introduction by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, published by MSO Ltd, London, (1999). 159 pages. Illustrated. No index.

The actual date of publication of this book is not given but it was obviously after the third Mind Sports, ie September 1999 onwards.

Al’s name appears on page 80 under the Roll of Honour 1997, as M. Barron (!) bronze medal in the Backgammon Olympiad Championship and as A. Baron Backgammon Beginners.

Roll of Honour 1998 features me at page 100 as bronze medal in seven card stud.

Roll Of Honour 1999 features me at page 147 for silver in the seven card stud and page 148 for silver in the speed reading.

Page 157 features me as a Candidate Master for seven card stud.

The back cover features Yours Truly in the group photograph.

(The above medal credits were extracted from the MSO bulletins).

The Anti-Black Roots Of The
, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1999).

This 7 page A5 pamphlet was published November 1, 1999.

I discovered only March 8, 2017 that this had been republished on the Leo Frank website; at least I think that is the first time I saw it. I have no idea where he got the idea that I am “An Afro-British Investigative Journalist”. At any rate, here a link to the earliest archived version, April 30, 2015. Notice too how the title has been augmented.


Martin Webster, “Searchlight” Magazine
And The “Outing” Of Nick Griffin

This is a 4 page leaflet (double-sided A3) dated November 8, 1999 and mailed out shortly afterwards. It was published in a personal capacity and is written in my usual diplomatic style.

Click here for the HTML version of the 2nd Edition.

Webster replied to the mailing in an E-mail circular entitled

dated 16th November 1999

and again

dated 20th November 1999.

Rape statistics ‘ludicrous’, published in SOUTH AFRICA TIMES UK, November 10 1999, No 37, page 7:

This is a letter from A Baron of London SE26 ridiculing a front page article published in the October 27 issue.

EINSTEIN’S DAUGHTER the search for lieserl, by Michele Zackheim, published by Riverhead Books, New York, (1999). 301 pages. Illustrated. No index.

Page 295: “I want to thank the following people in the United Kingdom for their help: In London, Alexander Baron, who did a remarkable job researching Grete Markstein through the British archive system...Mark Taha, researcher...”

According to the CD-ROM Global Books In Print, the book was published October 1999. My copy arrived special delivery November 15.


Martin Webster, “Searchlight” Magazine
And The “Outing” Of Nick Griffin

2nd Edition

This is an update dated November 18, 1999 and mailed out shortly afterwards.

Open Letter To The Richest Man In The World is a four page (1 sheet of A3) letter written to Bill Gates. It is dated November 19, 1999.

A signed copy was sent to Gates, November 26 and a few copies were forwarded to political contacts at the same time and shortly afterwards. It was published in the on-line LA-AGORA Digest on December 27 which prompted one leading Libertarian to accuse me of giving Gates a verbal blow job!

It was published too in Common Sense: The official Islamic Party Newsreport, Turn of millennium/Ramadan 1420, Issue number 29, pages 3-6. This came through my door January 12, 2000.

The letter is written in a personal capacity.

Click here for the HTML version.

Click here for Archived version.


A letter of mine was published under that heading in Readers’ Letters in THE INDIAMAN, Issue 14, page 4.

The issue is undated but covers the last quarter of 1999 and appears to have been published at the end of November/beginning of December 1999.

I didn’t write this letter to be published and didn’t realise it had been until a letter arrived from a lady in Glasgow dated 8 December 1999. Apparently she lived in Venner Road before World War Two! In “1936 or so”.

A TALE OF TWO CONVICTED COP KILLERS: Why Mumia Abu-Jamal Is Not Winston Silcott, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, (December 1999).

THE WIZARD OF OZ SYNDROME A New Theory Of State Tyranny, by Alexander Baron, With an “Appendix” on Leaderless Resistance by Louis R. Beam, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, (December 1999).

THE MONEY QUESTION, THE RACE QUESTION, AND THE ELIMINATION OF THE POVERTY TRAP: Anti-Semitism, “Anti-‘Racism’”, And The Case For Basic Income, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (December 1999).

On January 19, 2000 T.D. Mann [sic] received a letter from Sarah Jones of Whitaker informing him that A Tale Of Two Cop Killers and The Wizard Of Oz Syndrome had been allocated the same ISBN. Oh boy. When I checked I realised I’d printed 1 871473 64 0 on the back of each. This is the ISBN of The Wizard Of Oz Syndrome; the correct ISBN for A Tale Of Two Convicted Cop Killers is 1 871473 59 4.

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